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NORA is hiring

NORA, the Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium, is hiring.

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NORA – The Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium – aims to strengthen Norwegian research and education within artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics.

NORA is a collaboration between UiO, UiB, UiT, OsloMet, UiA, NMBU and Simula Research Laboratory.

Visit from with 10-years old Eskil

Nice to get a visit from with a 10-years old child and show our OsloMet multi-disciplinary research at TKD, at the intersection of ArtificialIntelligenceRobotics and Art. Artistic research combined with IT methods can be a great way to educate children to robotics and AI.

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New GPU hardware

Scaling-up our GPU hardware for the OsloMet AI lab. Now waiting for the new nVidia Teslas!

New NFR project in “Artificial intelligence – a novel tool in assisted reproduction technology”

Congratulations to all our colleagues that received funding from NFR for the project “Artificial intelligence – a novel tool in assisted reproduction technology”

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