• Socrates – Self Organising Computational Substrates, NFR, Nichele
  • Pacer – Patient Centric Engineering in Rehabilitation, NFR, Mirtaheri & Hammer & Yazidi
  • Artificial intelligence – a novel tool in assisted reproduction technology, NFR, Hammer & Yazidi
  • DeepCA – Hybrid Deep Learning Cellular Automata Reservoirs, NFR, Nichele
  • SCOTT – Secure Connected Trustable Things, EU, Van Do & Feng
  • Assisted Living Project, NFR, Zouganeli
  • Autonomic Systems – Applied Automation and Artificial Intelligence (internally funded), Zouganeli
  • CAOS – Complex Adaptive and Self Organising Systems (internally funded), Nichele
  • DigiFab: Automatisert digitalisering og veikart mot Industri 4.0 for SMB-fabrikker, NFR, Alcocer
  • OASYS – Ocean-Air synoptic operations using coordinated autonomous robotic SYStems and micro underwater gliders, EU, Alcocer
  • FELT – Futures of Living Technologies (internally funded), Bergaust
  • Personalised Cervical Cancer from Historical data (internally funded), Naumova
  • Multi-modal Data Fusion based on Coupled Factorizations (internally funded), Acar Ataman
  • Å gi formidlingen en kropp – en casestudie av NTNUs kyborgprosjekt, NFR, Gjefsen

Focus Areas

  • Autonomous and Adaptive Systems: this area focuses on Robotic Systems and Internet-of-Things. Robotic systems include hardware robots (e.g., vehicles/drones, other robotic platforms) as well as software robots (e.g. AI control, expert systems).  IoT based systems can be used in a wide spectrum of applications.
  • Decision Support and Personalized Systems: this focus area includes systems where humans use AI as decision support (e.g. in healthcare) or to automatically create personalized solutions based on learning from the users.
  • Machine Learning Models and Optimization: this area includes activities at the theoretical level on improvements of Machine Learning models and other AI meta-models, as well as optimization of complex problems spanning from IT systems to any other complex systems (multi-objective optimization).


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